Phil Higgins

Composer | Producer | Session Player | Engineer

Coming from Southern California, Phil has built a career in many aspects of music and production. Starting out in music as a guitar player brought him into the studio scene doing session guitar work for various artists, bands, and television commercials. Phil soon began working as a recording engineer and became more immersed in studio work.

More opportunities developed and he quickly landed several songs on major television networks, including the main theme song for a major Warner Bros television show, "Hello Goodbye". Additionally, if you watch buzz-worthy MTV shows like Catfish, The Seven, When I Was Seventeen, 10 on Top, True Life, Cribs etc., or TBS Network, FOX Network, and NFL Network you have more than likely heard many tracks written and produced by Phil.


Additionally, he has written and produced several loop libraries and song construction kits in various styles including; Indie Rock, Pop/Rock, Folk, Neo-Soul, etc. Having a solid grasp on the many roles within music production makes Phil a huge asset to any project. His executive producer credits include work on projects ranging from pop/rock, indie, alternative, Christian, and current pop music.